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Though we are very familiar with the ancient prophecy of Daniel 2, what is revealed in this study will shock you. Be prepared to be challenged as we revisit this important prophecy. SDA Prophet Ministries Daniel 2
The study of Zechariah 6 is an amazing revelation of the current struggle that is waging within the SDA church and how it will culminate in a change of leadership just before the "Loud Cry". SDA Prophetic Ministries Zechariah 6
Did you know that the Lord is about to cleanse the SDA church by removing the unfaithfull from its midst? Ezekiel chapter 9 is one topic that Inspiration encourages us to study. SDA Prophetic Ministries Ezekiel 9
Learn about this most important subject of The 144,000 - Who are they? Can you be a part of this group of people? Learn what will happen to those who are not a part of this group. SDA Prophetic Ministries 144,000